• sourdough pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes on a plate covered in syrup

    I am the crazy sourdough lady. It is my new official job title, and I wear it with honor. Discovering that the fermentation process involved in sourdough production allows me to eat my favorite gluten-rich foods without tummy troubles is life-changing. I am converting many of my favorite recipes into sourdough versions and having a ...
  • woman's hand dipping chip into dip

    This dip is one of my grandma’s recipes. She would make it for large parties or family gatherings. Recently, I made it twice for the holidays, and both times, I had no leftovers. This means it’s a good enough dish to share! It’s a fairly easy recipe and is a no-cook appetizer. I am not ...
  • Cheeseburger

    May is hamburger month in the U.S. I found this recipe that hits the spot every time. I’m not sure what tastes better, the secret sauce or the caramel onions, but I’ll let you decide. In California, a popular fast food restaurant is all the rave. In-n-Out Burger is famous for its ultimate double-double cheeseburger. ...
  • 1876

    It’s that time of year again! Autumn, Halloween, and time to bust out the ingredients to whip up some of my favorite recipes. Pumpkin chocolate chips cookies are pure cakey goodness. The earthy, sweet pumpkin flavor, combined with semi-sweet chocolates make my mouth water as I sink my teeth in for a bite. Pumpkin Chocolate ...