• roses and hearts

    An acrostic poem about a lover's bold declaration of love for their Valentine.
  • Jason & Kris enjoying Dad's new hammock

    Even though Millie has ceased to be a daily presence, her passing leaves a painful emptiness. John and I feel the absence of her voice, wit, and her “good morning” to the cat, Toot. I puzzle over her occasional “Guess what baby boy did today” is doing cart-wheels in my head. Like a jigsaw puzzle, ...
  • Image of a couple holding hands with lights on the hands

    Jade Home is the old farmhouse in the middle of the prairie, miles outside of town. Where Pa tended to pigs, and Ma, the best seamstress around. You hated the bacon she served. Ma and Pa told you to be grateful. In protest, you ran through Pa’s soybean fields in one of Ma’s hand-sewn party ...
  • church building

    Am I part of your world?I must be dreaming. Am I worthy of your touch?Here you are, holding mewithin the palm of your hand. Only you can save me,Oh, angel of darknessand sinful passion. You are my savior,as you are theend of me. I am the Juliet to Romeo,the Persephone to Hades,the light to your ...
  • American solider

    My American soldier.Head held high,unafraid to fight.Unafraid to die. For thosehe loves in thisblessed country,and for their freedom. Because he believes inthe wordsfreedom, liberty,justice for all. “Why must you go?”I cry, everyteardropa scar on my heart. Every step hetakes, breaks myspirit further, mysoul crys in anguish. Is it selfish to needhim here, even ashis country ...
  • lit candle in a dark room

    Gentle breathing fills the room, with Jane already falling asleep a few hours ago. I, on the other hand am so restless that sleeping feels like an impossibility. My mind whirls with thoughts of Mr. Darcy, of all people. It’s been several weeks since our encounter, yet the image of him is fresh. Part of ...
  • A man and woman walking together

    Strolling down the narrow street,Fingers interlocked in a loving gripMy love, I hear the rhythm of your heartbeatIt pounds in perfect harmony with mineThe roses sparkle with a deeper hue todayTheir fragrance saturates the air around usNature has become an entourage on our walk of desire  A few more steps in hopeful delightWe reach the ...
  • Maiden

    Heroes are overratedThe type entitledto always save a damsel. As if I, a mere maiden,need liberationfrom anythingoutside desire. I’m no mere maiden,I don’t need liberation,emancipation,or freedom. I’m a woman ofpure carnal youthtrapped insidea fragile beauty. I roam the streetsamong nakedmoonlight, waitingfor something wicked. Yes, I need a wicked,devious, villain.The one to bindme in chains. To ...
  • Couple embracing

    Oh sanctify me!My Savior! Your embraceis all I need. Your skinholy salvation. “Stay Away,”They told me. How could I?We’re magnets. Destined to bedrawn to another. No matter ifpulled apart. Over and overwe find us glued.
  • Women Holding hands

    It happened again, like many times. The sheer euphoria of being beside her, the moonlight cascading her bare skin. Her angelic face with a peaceful, serene expression. I brush a strand of auburn hair from her face, careful not to wake her. Her smooth, cream-like appearance radiates in the night. I glance at the alarm ...