• Reindeer delivering gifts

                Antlers cutting through                                                 Thick dark clouds                                                 Hooves dancing upon                                                 The aurora borealis                                                 Heavy puffs of mist                                                 Escape our nostrils                                                 The cold bitter world                                                 With sharp barbs of ice                                                 Attempt to break us                                                 We are mildly disturbed                                                 But still move ahead, for                                                 All along ...
  • A pile of enoki mushrooms on a quartz countertop

    Welcome to Strange Medicine—a series of nonfiction articles based on recent journal published, peer-reviewed case studies, review articles, meta-studies, scientific studies, and primary literature. Each relates to events that made the medical community’s eyes widen and scratch their heads, though, please note that all are significant toward scientific and medical progress because they also forced ...
  • space, astronomy, stars

    Adrift in the cold empty of space, white dots twinkling amidst the black, a ship floated as a carcass would down river. Its single passenger inside shivered in the growing chill, a blanket wrapped about her person. She gazed through the front shield as her teeth chattered. Pain soaked in her veins, and even the ...
  • 840

    Unbelievably, in this day and age, there is a small pocket of people who still believe that the Earth is flat. When my son mentioned this to me on the way to school one day, I thought he was joking. Why would any reasonable, sane, person with a modicum of common sense seriously believe our ...
  • Soul, Energy, mind

    The theory of individual bodies containing a separate entity that survives death has been the main topic of ancient and modern philosophers for millions of years. Although this topic has been debated for many years, no one really knows if the soul does or does not exist. However, there are philosophers that have argued that ...
  • 2145

    After taking a class that focused on using DNA profiling to identify missing persons, I ran across the case of The Grateful Doe. I became very interested in the case, and followed it until he was identified, doing my own research along the way. This article is the product of my slight obsession with that ...