• silhouette of trees and person sitting looking up at a star filled night sky

    I see the heavensin your eyes.Worlds and galaxiesswirl within your soul. Love is who you areseen by a soul like mine.A dull nickel withhardly any worth. You see value regardlessin someone plain.You believe in mewhere I lack faith. Your love is deepplentiful and abundant.I cannot turn backfrom its depth. I’m your precious cointo carry with ...
  • words Happy New Year spelled in wooden tiles with oranges and branches in the corners

    Scrolling through Facebook as 2023 neared its end, I came across a post on finding your mantra for 2024. Refusing to set myself up for failure, I no longer form traditional New Year’s resolutions. However, I enter the New Year with a word or two in mind to set a theme for the future. My ...
  • Woman in snow

    Life is not createdwithin cookie-cutterboundaries. There is no  clear-cut way toeternal happiness. For I am only humanundefined by a categoryor any identity. I am more than a name,religion, or race.I am me. You call me weak,when I’m empoweredby inner strength. You say I’m stupidwhen I know andrecognize my weaknesses. You call me sensitivewhen I’m not stonefacedor ...
  • Sunflowers on field

    The flowers still stand tall and strongAfter the ghastly stormNot longThey cry, before the bees do swarmAll day they hum the songConform And remain a unified teamWork together they sayAnd beamEnjoy our colourful display Retain us in your dreamsAlways
  • Spring bird

    There once was a free bird,Who loved to sing. There once was a happy bird,That loved to fly. There once was a content bird,Who loved to eat and drink of life. But a hunter came by,Who loved the bird’s beauty. He thought to himself,“I could only be happy with a bird like that”. So he ...
  • 948

    A friend recently told me that there have never been any consequences to my poor decisions. The thing is, there is always a consequence of any action. My consequence is I have to deal with the fact that I’m not as independent as I was when I first moved here eight years ago. This may ...
  • people holding hands

    “And if I didn’t know betterI’d think you were talking to me nowIf I didn’t know betterI’d think you were still around.”—Marjorie, Taylor Swift In just a few days, I finish up the first phase of this new career. There will be a ceremony. You were supposed to be there. You were supposed to watch ...
  • 1699

    Time ceases when she enters a room   Her existence is the eminence of perfection   She has a voice that quells your clamor   For she is your – Nubian Goddess   Her whisper settles your uneasiness   Her touch transports your mind   Allowing your body to transcend worlds   For she is ...
  • 1317

    Lately I’ve been thinking about endings. I’m horrible at endings in all aspects of my life. I will wait to read the last hundred pages of a book because I don’t want to leave the characters. I took seven years to read Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. The endings I have experienced have been ...
  • 1711

    Who is this woman staring back at me?   Lost and alone,        yet connected to a being   Battered and bruised        from a chance she once took   To love a stranger        from a friend she mistook   She is strong but broken –   Misplaced ...