• Family Beach Vacation

    For months at a timeA child waits for the end of schoolMemories of the fun-filled summers of the pastIgnite the imaginationLetting them have something to look forward tooYearning for the fun that waits Vacations are memories used toAcquire hopes and dreamsCamping, fishing, hikingAlternate locationsTents and activities away from technologyIdeas of what is fun rethoughtbecause we ...
  • thermostat in the sky

    sunshine bursting from the skyunyielding in its glorymarveling at the ground’s warmth thatmake our hearts lightexcitement thrumming through our veinsracing through our blood happiness for the vacation aheadenergetic and chipperall the family togetherto enjoy this vacation time
  • Day at the beach

    Crystalline currents pirouette feet from sand glossed with sea foam. Waves roll with eternal dedication, a lifetime commitment to shoreline glazing. In their deep mineral burrows, crabs dimple the sand with each swell of retreat. Porous cliffs stand tall against winds. Squalls. Time. They cast dawn shadows and bask in evening gold. Plants succulent with ...
  • A Bowl of Cold Gazpacho Soup

    There is cool comfort In the coldness of gazpacho That during summer Fills burning mouths Made from the souls Of martyred tomatoes Brought forth by the Earth and sun This cold sweet blood Brings balance To carless, unbridled passions Cold tasty bloody gazpacho Leaves pleasantries and joy The only kind to drink Warm, metallic blood ...
  • 707

    The sun’s rays fire heat                                                 All through the southern town                                                 Steam begins to rise                                                 From the heating asphalt ground                                                 The sadistic sun targets Every person on the street To become the victims Of the southern summer heat                                                 Skin burns and flares                                                 While futile sweat beads fall                                                 And ...
  • Sun rays shining on olive tree leaves

    Sweet tastes of summer Butter rays feed silver leaves Cloudless skies prevail
  • Cicadas on Dark Sky photo by Jacob Potter

    “Sometimes I reach out into the sky wishing that maybe just this once the laws of reality suspend and I finally touch a star,” the woman with thick glasses lazily sighed to herself in the back alley. Her arms displayed stories sketched with scar tissue; her features blurred her age to be somewhere between twenty-five ...
  • 1188

    The second I step foot back in the water I instantly feel stronger   Something about the ocean grounds me   Maybe it’s the tides and currents pulling my body   Maybe it’s the feeling of life pulsing under the surface   The feeling of letting go and trusting something bigger than yourself   It’s ...
  • Summertime Pool

    Swimming all day long inside the pool Ultimate fun and a way to stay cool Margaritas aplenty, many to savor Mango is one of several delicious flavors Ease into a hammock and let your body fade Relax under cover of a palm tree’s shade Travel to a beautiful lakeside shore Ice cream consumption of flavors ...
  • 1619

    Independence Day is one of the best days. It’s just a big summer party to celebrate history and the beginning of our nation. But if you find yourself struggling to find the good in the 4th of July, here are some reasons to love it. 1. Food [iframe src=”//giphy.com/embed/jKaFXbKyZFja0″ width=”480″ height=”406″ frameBorder=”0″] It’s like having ...