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    For over a decade, I worked for one company. I went through two lateral moves, but none of them were promotions. I was with one team for six years, so I thought I was golden. I knew quite a bit about the company, how things worked, and I did my job well. Until one day ...
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    To every mother out there in quarantine, whether you are working out in the scary world, working from home, or just stuck in the house. You are not alone in your feelings of isolation. Sure you are surrounded by family and that is great. It just isn’t the same as caring for your family and ...
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    I would like to say thank you to all the wonderful people on the writing team known as the “Coffee House Writers”. I met the leader of our team about a year ago. What struck me immediately was her love of animals, which is something that the two of us have in common. From there, ...