• Cherokee Wampus Cat

    I did it again! I had every intention to write about Florida’s cryptid this week. I had to choose between the Skunk Ape or the Wampus Cat. There are so many states that have a Big Foot type of creature. So, I went with the Florida Wampus cat. Except, it isn’t strictly a Florida cryptid. ...
  • Demon Dog

    Halloween is sneaking upon us, and there is nothing better than a spooky tale. This week is Delaware’s Fence Rail Dog, a legend about a black dog. Except, this tale isn’t about an average black dog. It haunts a stretch of road along Delaware’s highway 12. Known as Midstate road, it runs through Frederica and ...
  • expression

    I love horror movies. Not the gore and slasher type movies that seem to be popular today. Genuine scary movies like the original Halloween and the remake Halloween.  The horror movie The Hills Have Eyes reminds me of this week’s cryptid article. The movie’s plot is mutant creatures created from nuclear testing. My essay is about Connecticut’s Melon Heads. The ...
  • Slide-Rock Bolter

    Colorado is a beautiful state known for its winter activities, snow-covered trails, and pine-scented evergreen trees. The state is known for the majestic Rocky Mountains, and when you think of potential cryptid monsters? The forest is dark and scary because the sun’s light can’t penetrate the thick canopy of tall pines. Strange and fearful creatures ...