• A heart made of books

    We live in a culture where we want everything. We used to be socially conscious. That’s understandable. No one wants to support brands which are outwardly cruel brands to different population segments. Sounds simple, right? If something you use comes out with some adverse views, you just stop using that product, right? There are other ...
  • A house with large glass windows

    There is an old cigar shop on the edge of Cedar Hill Park with boarded windows and doors on the side near the crest. The passersby complain about the eyesore, though the house is unsure of how they or it know about the old cigar shop without signage. Inside the house, the people’s furniture and ...
  • vague permission slip from schooll

    My son brought home the above permission slip (I blacked out the nurse’s name for privacy) the other day and I immediately had concerns. For one, what exactly does “eye-opening” mean? And what is my son being taught in health about STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)?  The history of sex education in schools goes back to ...