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    Sometimes, when I write, I get nervous about what my readers will think if I decide to change the course of the story. They won’t know what changes were made unless I tell them. The draft may not convey the same story. Why concern yourself with future opinions? These are reasons you can’t write. Comparison  ...
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    New story ideas are one of the best moments in a writer’s life. It’s a new adventure to take, new lessons to learn, and new characters to meet. You feel alive, like you can’t wait to see how the story will unfold. Where do you start? Here are a few places that are fun to ...
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    I’ve long been disappointed with the lack of diverse characters in popular fiction today. My current work in progress is an attempt to shrink the gap. However, yesterday I almost stopped. My current project is an interracial fantasy romance. My female main character is Afro-Latina, and her love interest is Asian. Oppression is seen as ...
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    Last week, I made the difficult decision to switch mental health providers. I wasn’t getting what I needed out of our sessions. We spent the majority of the time discussing current events and arguing about various things. They liked to tell me things, and I felt like I wasn’t being heard. My love of reading ...
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    November is a time for good food, embracing body hair, and the start of the holiday season. Starbucks comes out with their holiday drinks just in time for me to drown my writing woes in Caramel Brûlée. Nanowrimo is here. The time of year when I question if this was the correct career choice because ...
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    One of the funniest aspects of my writing is I am a perfectionist. The ideal scenario is that a scene will pop into my head, and I can write it down and fix a few grammar errors. Usually, I have a few plot points to piece together, or I have to discover everything that happens ...
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    Writer’s block sucks! I have compiled a list of ways to help you combat writer’s block. The following list are suggestions that I find helpful when dealing with writer’s block. Find a Quiet Place Find your quiet place. This special place could be your favorite room, house, bedroom, shower, or favorite spot in the garden, ...
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    I have over fifty books on my bookshelf in my office and most of them are writing resources. I like to refresh on certain things–like grammar rules, plot structure, and character traits–to boost my craft. My favorite book I enjoy referring to is Stephen King’s On Writing. Stephen King has been one of my biggest inspirations. Whether ...
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    One of the worst parts about trying to write a story is getting stuck. It happens to everyone at some point. You see the scene that you want to write, but the words aren’t coming. If they are coming, nothing sounds right. Sometimes, you have a scene that you’re trying to add, but it doesn’t ...