• 1756

    The storm outside matched my mood. The rain splattered against the windows, and every few minutes, lightning lit up the trees outside, bent against the harsh wind. I usually loved rainstorms and liked to watch from my wide front porch, swaying back and forth on my white wooden porch swing, but I wasn’t ready for ...
  • 1799

    Neil Sedaka wasn’t wrong. Whether you’re at the giving end or the receiving end of the breakup, they’re trying. They hurt. And there’s a lot of pain and grief involved. Even if the break up is for “the best” the feelings that result are no less fraught. Hearts feel broken. Feels feel frayed. I’ve recently ...
  • heartbreak

    how can you pretend to care so much when all are lies that flow eloquently from your tongue tell me this now is this trip important what will you find there the answers you seek or the death that you deserve can’t you see that your holy city nothing more than rubble your leader is ...