• image of galaxy and mountains on the moon

    We skate on icy rainbowsthat shimmer between puffy cloudssliding along the blades of golden rayscareful of the jagged shards. Puffs of foggy shouts crystallizeas we fall into softblankets of sky snowready to soften the blow. We play tag with shooting starsand Double Dutch withthe Constellations,our laughter rings through the Milky Way. Then along comes Nightsweeping ...
  • Between sunset and twilight

    Sunset The red sky said Not yet TwilightThe bright moon winksStage right Nightfall The stars espiedMasked ball
  • old car

    danger thrives in all of usfeeding on our very desireresistance is futiledeath is inevitable rainbows show us the wayour dreams collide when we waketime is our only frienddays go by life fades in and outour emotions make us hollow and numbchances are better left untakenfear our only ally days go byas we drift through timetaking ...