• A Bowl of Cold Gazpacho Soup

    There is cool comfort In the coldness of gazpacho That during summer Fills burning mouths Made from the souls Of martyred tomatoes Brought forth by the Earth and sun This cold sweet blood Brings balance To carless, unbridled passions Cold tasty bloody gazpacho Leaves pleasantries and joy The only kind to drink Warm, metallic blood ...
  • man in a coat

    public glancesall sharp and nastyyet behind those looksyour eyes scanthe landscapeas you take inthe rise ofmy ebony moundsand stare at my nipslonging to caressthem with the warmthof your fingertipscareful not to be noticedas your eyes drift frommy nips to my hipsand to the gapbetween my thighsforcing the spacein your slacksto lessen yetkeeping yourlack and lusting ...
  • Woman pondering over memories

    The waterfall spreads mist through the air, bouncing her hair into pins at a juggler’s act. And as the Fall bubbles at the crevices, she squints to meet the morning rays shining light on tiny droplets of sweat on her lips. Gets into a rush; pulls up the hanging A-line corner of her dress, tucks ...
  • golden dragon

    Taking a deep breath, the young woman flipped over the first card. “King of Spades.” This was unusual. She’d rarely ever drawn this card. When she did, Damien often killed the person. “The King of Spades signifies power. You’re standing in judgment of others, using a strategic and militaristic mind. It’s the first day of ...
  • Earth in peril.

    Launch away from the noise of the blue-green land,from an earth engulfed in hate.Launch away from the streets with doors locked tight,from the fights that wait at the gate. Launch away from the eyes that have grown so cold,that clutch us in fear like a vise.Launch away from the mobs that raze and that torch,and ...
  • Desert horizon at Dawn

    The stolen world of silenceLingers above the cloudy skiesAnd lays below the oceans murky wavesBeyond the reach of humanities deadly violence While the wonder of life dwells in dreamsTo wander on the edges of nature’s endless seamsOf distant horizons and rainbow beams
  • Lotus flower

    A Woman’s a Lotus planted firmly, deep into the water yet unattached, her leaves – they float above all.   She rises, holding chin up, and smiles through the day.   Outside temperature may be 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but she regulates the temperature of her flowers at 86 degrees Fahrenheit, bringing warmth to all, regardless ...
  • Pride flag

    Love is love. Lips upon lips, a sweet honey flavor. Hands are for holding, Fingers laced a lattice of belonging. Of care. Of love. No flesh for flames. No camouflage for the kaleidoscope, No wash of the colors. Because love is the heart of truth, And truth, the heart of love. So flutter the heart ...
  • Leaves have their own music

    “Hello,” said the mossto the thousand trees.“Throw your leaves, watch them weave,see then flutter and flail.Play for us a symphony.”   “Hello,” said the sun,to the leaves one day.“Dress in gold, go be bold,as you hush a good-bye.A wild autumnal symphony.” “Hello,” said the windto the leaves that day.“Let me rustle and tussleyou with nippy ...
  • Droplets on a spider's web precious moments

    A moment that ‘is’ may soon turn to a moment that ‘was.’ Warbler’s singing a tune. Listen ‘now,’ as she may sing a different song or not…next moment.   The Sun rays ‘re piercing through space between railings. Natural light’s causing a geometrical design of shadows on the deck. See ‘now,’ as new shapes may ...