• A piece of deadwood inside an ossuary

    I was a lonely lavender bushWith a pretty fairy-wing flowerNow!I am a rotting piece of deadwood. Last summerMy minder went on a holidayAnd left my hanging-basket homeIt was left to dry up and crumble. After!He dug out my dying rootsAnd tried to resurrect meBeyond redemptionI did not arise again. Now!In my wrinkled nakednessHe ashamedly hides ...
  • white furry branches with autumn tree background

    Autumn is approaching, which means Halloween is lurking Chilly nights call for glowing fireplaces, creating illumination for spooky stories Colorful leaves begin to fall, revealing innumerable bony branches Fall’s vibrant beauty bestows, yet undertones of mystery arise Darkness comes sooner, providing a shroud for the undead
  • woman walking through forest alone

    Do you know how to survive life as a woman? This poem can help.
  • moths in shadow flying toward light magic realism

    Life thrives in color And lung and breath Memories through yarn Spun like candy floss. She was born in Silver And tarnish In the dark. Just one piece of a Whole. Which neither consumes Nor creates Just regurgitates. Sorrow is a mirror While peace is So shallow. To live is to exist And we all ...
  • endless spiral of space

    Life is full of changes.Large and smallEnough to make anyone stressYet, expected to be beneficial This sense of change can be overwhelmingFeelings of being inadequate and irrelevantEmotional drainage that few realizePushing us all aside like waves Caught in a perpetual cycleof rise and fallThese ideas of what change can bringUnable to truly deal with them ...
  • Where are the faeries? are they below the iron bar door?

    Deep in the enchanted forestUnder mossy rocks and water-reeds I found an iron-bar doorLying over a sinkhole in the creek bed I wondered and yelled out“Hello! Is anyone down there” Eerily, a gentle voice replied“Do not worry, we are sheltering here” “Why are you hiding?” I inquired “We are waiting for humanity  to stop the carnage on our planet” Then, ...
  • shadow of a hand holding a flower

    I saw him again at the underpass. Just his silhouette. A shadow in a Crumpled, Baggy shirt— Hunched, Shaking A Styrofoam cup Like a bell. Seven thirty already— The air Humid, Pavement like Coals— The bridge choked with Exhaust— A line of Bored drivers Clogging the Intersection, Eager to Get on with the day. They ...
  • A withered water-reed swaying alone in the breeze

     My life was like a half-withered water-reed Swaying alone, in the winter breeze I floated between yellow and brown hues And then I fell into an ocean of purple and blue  Without a splash, I sank like a lead balloon Halfway down, I rolled over and saw a glowing half-moon Slowly, I swam back to the glimmering surface Where, I realized, ...
  • Family Beach Vacation

    For months at a timeA child waits for the end of schoolMemories of the fun-filled summers of the pastIgnite the imaginationLetting them have something to look forward tooYearning for the fun that waits Vacations are memories used toAcquire hopes and dreamsCamping, fishing, hikingAlternate locationsTents and activities away from technologyIdeas of what is fun rethoughtbecause we ...
  • red and blue paper clips daisy chain broken

    Little things are always Breaking The sole of a shoe Splits The back of an earring Vanishes The filament in a bulb Snaps A screw comes loose On my chair And all I can do is Stuff it Tie it Hope it holds The big stuff I can handle Presentations Critiques Launching a book Planning ...