• Flying Eagle

    I want to fly like a bird above the clouds, behind the rising fog and not be seen. Had I known what being seen entails, Had I known what being heard truly means, I would never have bargained to be in the open space. Life would have continued flowing, Floating, Driving me. To places, Without ...
  • falling petals

    softly the petals of a flower falllanding upon the slowly browning eartha chill starting to take hold in the airthe last vestiges of summer drifting away one lone bloom fighting to remain uprightit’s not death it resists, but the long days of sleepthe forced hibernation the cold weather bringsthe endless cycle of rising and falling ...
  • A seashell

    When I leave work and walk home to join my husband, joy replaces unsolved woes  and I’m happy. On my way back to work I carry an extra shield of love a layer of purity, to unfold hurdles with a smile knowing my husband’s hug awaits.
  • Person standing with cloth floating behind

    It comes with a numbness that is hard to understandTriggered by anger that has morphed into hateThe rapid flow of emotions now difficult to escape The feeling of finalization has now seeped inShowing in multiple ways asThings and people shift around me Feeling trapped in a world of inconsistent promisesThat bleeds inconsideration into my spacesFilled ...
  • Abstract purple, blue, white image with shattered glass texture and text Shattered Trust in black cursive

    You wrapped your tendrils ’round my mind. You left me helpless, lost and blind.   Full of lies and deceit to get your way, I, a mere victim, was easily swayed.   I took the blame for all your faults. I took each word, locked them in vaults.   But now I stand, no longer ...
  • Louisiana On My Mind

    Do they know the determination it took to find them? When every door seemed to be closed, I persevered. Everything had been purposely hidden. I was persistent and found the truth, leading me to them. I found them for us. Do they even know? Do they know the amount of courage it took to say ...
  • Moon peaking among branches

    I meditate Letting go of aspirations, Letting in what is Under self-restricting views, Monitoring News. I’m slowly dissolving. Not quitting, not doubting, Attention to breathing Towards Present. In and out, in and out, On the way to Liberation. Neither this nor that – with you.   Love what is, Immediate and fulfilling, But never take ...
  • pink flower

    I look at the doorYou’re not there. I stare at the couch,You’re not there. Closing my eyeslistening to my heartbeat,I find yousoothing,reassuring. There’s no need to ask,When are you coming back?    
  • Blooming rose

    Blooming, my dear child flower, as you go into the world, allow me to tell you there will be days you will feel loved by every leaf. Each leaf will come to assist you in your growth, and you will feel as if you’re on top of the world. But there will also be days ...
  • candlelight

    darkness fills the airno light to be foundat the edge of despairmisery all around all it takes is a sparkof hope burning brightthough a part of you wonders if this is a larkis this the path of right like a candle in the windflickering steadyholding out, prepare to defendforward ready one little dotone bright spot