• The Twilight Moon

    I stand within the Twilight ZoneBetween pitch black and home Here in no man’s landListening to the Last Post from the bandstand I am not scared, nor do I feel aloneThe deep grayness glows like black chrome Bathed in droplets of moon rainThe tapestry’s dampness melts into the fading plain As I wander above my ...
  • paper, pen, coffee mug

    A poem about my new year's resolution to step out from the shadows and write what I love.
  • white walls forming a maze with green exit signs white concrete stairs with no people

    It is said the older you get,The sicker you get,And the smaller your world becomes.Four wallsClosing in around you. I met a retiree who used toBackpack around Europe,Wild and freeBut since collectingHis watch and his pensionHis bed has becomeThe living room couch From which he watches the worldThough the news. When my dad died, they ...
  • sun at the horizon with vegetation below and sky above.

    I walk hypnotically In slow motion Toward the unreachable horizon Lured by a shimmering mirage Lying between the wavering sky And the quivering ground  The datum points  Where sunset plunges down And the world’s golden eye Loses her crown   Mesmerized  I mindfully turn my back On nightfall’s widening crack Until my weary eyes  Awaken to hear the sound Of moon shadows  Haunting her sacred ground 
  • Victorian Christmas time with children enjoying the visitors

    Christmas’ frosty breathBringing more than wrapped presentsNo ribbons or bows –this kind of Joy can’t be bought Reflects in babes’ eyeThe magic of ChristmastimeFriends and families –Merry time of reunions making memories-Spreading cheer and goodwillHelping those in need-the spirit of Santa lives Warmth shared, winter thawsWith Gifts of love, hearts unwrapSpirits are lifted –The Miracle ...
  • an evergreen Christmas tree with icicles hanging from the branches during the winter, snow in tilt shift lens green plant

    D on’t think that I don’t know E very day, what you can’t tell me, because you C an’t find the words, the will, or E nergy to say them, but M y heart understands, and  B ears the snow like an E vergreen—beautiful, this month, and R emember I love you, too.
  • Her art and craft work on display

    Do not worry, dearBecause of youEvery new dayEthereally illuminatesYour enchanting artworkThat hangs proudly on every wallEvery nostalgic talismanA mirror image, of your brave soulThere, for me to emulate and stay strong Do not worry, dearBecause of youMy enthusiasm for lifeShall continue to thriveYou taught me the benevolenceOf ExistenceAnd you showed me how to live graciouslyWith your everlasting ...
  • broken airplane abandoned in the forest with colorful graffiti sprayed on it

    They left me when I gave up on their dark fairy tale— the one they tell empaths as children: to twist yourself into knots like an old forest tree and you’ll live happily ever after. But in solitude I touch my roots and feel my magic.
  • december relaxing

    days start to feel longerexcitement slowly buildingChristmas holidays lurk on the horizonenjoying the sharing of joymaking families happy bearing gifts and loveearning smiles each timerepeating every year
  • image of galaxy and mountains on the moon

    We skate on icy rainbowsthat shimmer between puffy cloudssliding along the blades of golden rayscareful of the jagged shards. Puffs of foggy shouts crystallizeas we fall into softblankets of sky snowready to soften the blow. We play tag with shooting starsand Double Dutch withthe Constellations,our laughter rings through the Milky Way. Then along comes Nightsweeping ...