• scene of little girl sleeping beneath the moon

    Many people believe that any story that begins with “Once upon a time…” is a fairytale. But, there are truths to these tales and that is so for Avaline and her Star Slippers. Once upon a time, an eccentric woman lived on the mysterious Moon. Her name was Aurora, and she washed her hair in ...
  • milky way galaxy

    They say that space is the final frontier, but are they right? Sure, Adventures await in the universe’s vastness, but is it worth it? Packing what little items you have into a case and stepping aboard the unyielding metal box that is the spaceship. It is knowing that no matter what, the risk you take ...
  • A greyscale reflection of a building in a mirror

    The Cost of Change The bedchamber shimmers. A portal opens as mirrors aligned to face each other capture the light. Bess and Elizabeth begin the journey to return to their times. A hollow sound gushes within the portal as time stops. Bess thinks about all she has experienced. She struggles between her desire to return ...
  • rally with placard

    Two Sides of the Coin Bess woke to find herself in a familiar room. The window coverings looked different, but she recognized her bedchamber. It took several minutes to piece things together and recall she’d entered a life-swap experience. Feelings of anticipation crept in. Oh, to be free to make her own choices, be given ...
  • tombstone, lantern, graveyard

    Soft light filters through the drawn blinds, and you blink slowly awake. This was how you always awoke. No shrill sound of the alarms. Just the change from darkness to light. As your mind tries to process where you were, a part of you aches. Twisting your head to the right, you noticed the clock ...
  • Three girls showing off wrist corsages for homecoming

    A couple of weeks had passed since the hostage-taking of Hannah’s English class. The school had slowly returned to what most would consider routine. The focus now would be on homecoming season. Hannah hadn’t planned on attending the dance, but her friends talked her into it. Hannah was nervous and unsure while she got ready ...
  • Hallway

    When I see youDo I see you? When I hear youDo I listen to you? Am I the only one here?Is it all my reflection? I want to break the mirrorbut the mirror is my reflection, When I break itI see another mewatching me I don’t want to be alone.I want you to join me. ...
  • Cold section of the store.

    What if aliens showed up only cause they had the munchies.?
  • Table at the center of the interrogation and maybe more.

    Stepping Out of the Shadows Crime will become so rampant by 2050 that most of humanity retreats into virtual reality. Lack of participation in governments grew, and those in power began cracking down to lower crime. This becomes harsher and impedes people’s freedoms. As a result, humanity retreats in increasing numbers. Though some choose to ...
  • Books for reading

    Ivy Three grows up in a five-thousand-person space station called The Exodus. The ship orbits two hundred and fifty-four miles above planet Earth. It’s a safe space, providing a stable life, a place full of windows where electric trains run, crops sprout from well-organized fields, and workers walk in lines like ants in a colony. Ivy sleeps ...