• solar eclipse

    I embrace my inner eclipse and become whole.
  • the word MIND spelled on tiles

    I am a Christian. After years of life in a sheltered church environment, I dove out into the world to find people in different spiritual spaces. Most of what I found was enlightening, encouraging, and helped increase my closeness to God. But along the way, I found a problematic doctrine that weaponized the bible against ...
  • Free spirited Dove

    I seek afterThy natureThe calmInside of me. The peacefulWaters,Beckon to meIn moonlight. “I am noJesus, orHoly saint!”I protest. “Trust me,”Is all IHear, asIt calls me. I relent,Giving in,ReachingThe shore. The waterLaps myFeet, as IDare not stray. Let it cleanseThe filthInside of me,Like holy water. Let it beMy baptism,As I treadWater. “To the pointOf no return,”I ...