• shadow figures

    The shadows are moving again. Are you afraid?
  • witch hat and lavender

    A poem to celebrate the changing of the seasons!
  • Witch's House, moon, witch flying

    clip clop, clip clopdon’t let the sound betraythat steady beating rhythmof the horseman’s handy work tonight is the nightthe most ‘evil of nights’the time when the spirits wander freeand the ghouls return to earth you better make sure that the curtains are drawnand you’re not alone tonightfor those that go off gallivantingmight just lose their ...
  • Cat Black

    He knew he was going to die. So Clifford lived alone in a one-room cabin in the woods. He was a simple man; he liked simple things. He enjoyed his morning coffee with one cream and two spoonfuls of sugar. The only thing Clifford loved more than his coffee were his cats, Edger, Alan, and ...
  • Halloween Jack O' Lantern

                           Eyes bright and heart hollow                                     Flames seep out                                     Of these grinning fellows                                     Shadows abound outside                                     Ready to scare                                     But around the lanterns                                     They do not dare                                     For behind these fruits’                                     Friendly façade                                     Are dark souls                                  Spilling blood                                     These souls have hurt others                                     ...
  • Lighthouse at Night

    Disclaimer: This story is based on the St. Augustine Lighthouse. This story is not affiliated with the lighthouse or its staff. ________ They both walked towards the dark, untamed trees of the woods. Only a small dirt trodden path marked the way. The branches of the trees weaved together with the bushes. They created a ...
  • Photo of St. Marys Cemetery

    My first time working for my new employer, I had yet to see a day of sun since the Mississippi. The train had arrived in a cloud of low-hanging, foul black soot that matched the smiling mouths of some fellow patrons I tipped my head to along the way. What had been a normal blend ...
  • scary clown

    This is why horror warms my soul. Horror and gore are my favorite thing. There is something about curling up in my fuzzy blanket, listening to creepypasta that is relaxing. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to a creepy Youtube video and enjoying my lavender candle. I grew up watching scary movies and eating ramen ...
  • Halloween

    The following is a collection of "Bite-Sized" scary stories. A perfect treat for Halloween.
  • Floating Girl

    Elmira is a blip on the map of New York; unless you’re a Mark Twain nerd, you’ve probably never heard of it. But this tiny dot on the map is hiding a morbid story.  In a town like ours, one has to keep busy. My friend Viki hit me up on Facebook and asked me ...