• 539

    He wasn’t there to do a noble deed. The metal door to the vault unlocks with the sound of two clicks, his amber magic fading into nothing. He strains his ears to listen for trouble, for signs that those two clicks set off something. When nothing came, the figure dressed in rags opens the door ...
  • Cicadas on Dark Sky photo by Jacob Potter

    “Sometimes I reach out into the sky wishing that maybe just this once the laws of reality suspend and I finally touch a star,” the woman with thick glasses lazily sighed to herself in the back alley. Her arms displayed stories sketched with scar tissue; her features blurred her age to be somewhere between twenty-five ...
  • Caution Tape

    Read previous installments of Myra here. Myra looked down at the screen of her cell phone. As frightening as the messages were, she was expecting them now. Another message popped up. “The police left such a mess, no?” Myra got to her feet and left the bathroom. When she arrived in the living room, she ...
  • Pulse and heartbeat

    Read previous installments of Myra here “Breathe, Myra…” The voice seemed far away and muffled as if someone were whispering to her from the depths of the ocean. Myra felt her stomach flutter with anxiety as she tried to look around the room, but a strong, meaty arm held her down. The smell of cleaning ...
  • person screaming

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Hadera took her time from getting off the bus. She knew she was extremely late for work, but from what everything she was experiencing as of late, she didn’t care at this point about being tardy. What she experienced at the train station was haunting ...
  • worried girl

    Read more Myra on my author page The police officers searched the entire area, more to calm her than anything else. They knew her attacker wasn’t there, but she was hysterical and needed reassurance. Before sending her home, they made sure Myra had a ride and that she wouldn’t be alone. Myra’s friend Jay picked ...
  • Man with creepy eyes

    Read Part 1 here Myra held her breath, waiting for footsteps, a bang, more screaming…something. She had wished the cute Delta Chi boy had stayed longer. He could have helped. Or would he have been another victim? The front door creaked, followed by it gently closing and latching. At first, she feared someone had come ...
  • Foggy forest, hooded man

    The writing bug has not only bit me, but it’s practically swallowed me whole! Lately, I’ve been typing away all day long—sometimes until 8:00 pm. I decided to create a list of creepy writing prompts to help others that may be in search of a few ideas. Also, I’ve included my previous list of eerie ...
  • window

    They were at it again. Looking through their window again to see what I was doing. It was ten o’clock in the evening and I just came home from work. It was always the same thing every night, they would stare out their windows at me until I had to close my window shade. This ...
  • Classroom seats by Wokandapix on Pixabay

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