• Forlorn branches

    Leaves keep accumulating under trees. Naked branchesgreet me unabashedon my way home. Their canopy touches the skywith delicate extensions, whispering –“being bare indicates strength.” I expose myselfand riselike a naked branch.
  • tree

    It’s not hard to see them Standing tall and proud Branches bent and swaying Thick trunks rooted in the ground   Many have stood for generations. Some fairly new All reaching upwards, filling the sky with bloom Hiding a beauty that few see   Some say they represent change. Others are the very foundation that ...
  • Leaves have their own music

    “Hello,” said the mossto the thousand trees.“Throw your leaves, watch them weave,see then flutter and flail.Play for us a symphony.”   “Hello,” said the sun,to the leaves one day.“Dress in gold, go be bold,as you hush a good-bye.A wild autumnal symphony.” “Hello,” said the windto the leaves that day.“Let me rustle and tussleyou with nippy ...
  • Mud, water, trees, river

    Standing in my bedroom doorway, the ground binds around my feet, mud reaching up to my ankles. Theebb of water,river,bloated, fear holding me by the ankles, I yearn  —  release. Water resides,revealingsprawling roots, clusters of bulbous buds. Thick crimson limbs meandering through drawers andcupboard doors  —  out the window. Trawling through the mud one foot ...
  • Autumn Leaves

    These beautiful corpses Decaying on the grass These once emerald symbols Of seasons now past, The fierce red The frightened yellow The accepting orange Each joins their fellow For their ultimate end Right here and now None can cling forever To the trees’ boughs, One by one Each of them flies Towards the ground Where ...
  • trees

    Thank you for your drooping branches, Graying at the stems and leaves splaying Between me & a race soldier’s bullet. I never knew what made the wind Break so forcefully – left and unfettered, Swaying the grass in unison like a hard jazz step, Seconds before the next Martyr’s lament Whisked in quarter time to ...
  • National Chocolate Cake Day

    Chocolate, once the ‘Food of the Gods,’ is now for mortals. Yes, here I am with another holiday for you all to sink your teeth into. Last year, I wrote about National Brownies Day. Now, I am writing about one of our favorite confectionaries, chocolate. Yes, chocolate. But, in what form? How does chocolate cake ...