• desert landscape

    Ashes to ashesdust to dustamong the light. The light you gaveonce filled mewith immeasurable hope. I placed my trustinto what I believedwas a sincere friend. I believed in yougave all into whoI believed was my family. I wander the desert,beaten and brokenin humiliation. Ashes to ashesdust to dustamong lonely nights. The wildernessnow my homewithout you.
  • Candlelight

    Oh, my dear Judasyou once meanteverything. We played, laughedand fought demonstogether. We wanted to liveand take on thecruel world. But your family hatedme hanging out withsomeone like you. Your loved onesdidn’t appreciate mebeing a part of your life. Instead of defendingme against them andremaining a true friend? You abandoned me toan emotional hellevery time. I ...
  • Bleeding hearts

    Best friends for neveris what we havebecome. Time can never healthe rift and distancebetween us. An angel turned demonis what you areto me. “Misery loves company,”is what people saidabout you and I. Like a blinded fool,I could not seethis eye-opening truth. “No good deed goes unpunished,”is a spoken truth Inow believe. Best friends for neveris ...
  • tearful soul

    Thirty days and thirty nightscan never be enoughto get over you. The light you broughtinto my life is nowa distant memory. Every time I close my eyesI envision the happinessI thought I brought you. You disappeared into the coldwinter night, leaving meto the unforgiving wilderness. Abandoned by you, I try to livefighting my demons andblack, ...
  • women behind rain

    When a good girl finds out her love is unfaithful, things take a drastic turn when she transforms into a bad one.
  • Bed sheets

    Part I can be found here. I woke up back in my bedroom with the starlight streaming on my face. I used two fingers to massage my temple to soothe the sharp pain in my skull. I swung  my legs over the bed surprised that I didn’t need to use an arm to support myself ...
  • heartbreak

    how can you pretend to care so much when all are lies that flow eloquently from your tongue tell me this now is this trip important what will you find there the answers you seek or the death that you deserve can’t you see that your holy city nothing more than rubble your leader is ...
  • Predatory Behavior, Manipulation, Toxic Friendship

    You were the one that kept me broken. The desire to play the hero must have taken over you. Every time we were together, it was you that kept making sure I was feeling down. Nothing I did or said was good enough unless I was upset. There was no interest in anything unless I ...
  • Snakes

    The necklace you gave me became a choker. I could no longer breathe with it there. I had to remove it. I could not see the brightness in the stars or sense the air in my lungs. It was time to remove the necklace – to remove you. Everything you gave me has the feeling ...