• pecan pie

    They’re the first things I see on the table, and I have to do a check to make sure I’m not seeing things. People are talking around me, but it all gets drowned out. I didn’t know anyone else ever made these. My eyes begin to well with tears I didn’t know I still had. How could ...
  • Mouse in Christmas Box

    My paws prance upon the hardwood floor. I look around the silent living room, and my nose directs me to a small table where the corpses of half-eaten gingerbread men lie alongside a glass of cold milk. I take nibbles of each spiced cookie so that their bodies don’t go to waste. But, I avoid ...
  • Photograph of a gingerbread house

    Louise tossed on her bed and turned onto her back. She twisted a blond curl splayed out on the pillow. The lights strung on the bushes outside her window took turns glowing red and green on her ceiling. In the predawn hours, Louise rose and pulled on a flannel shirt and jeans. She slid on ...
  • Thanksgiving Day with my granddaughter and nephew coloring at the table

    November was sunny, yet chilly. The unmistakable scent of Thanksgiving wafted through Aunt Vickie’s home. As soon as one walked through the door, the fresh scent of welcome and hospitality met you. A few things had changed over the years, and yet they held an air of unfamiliarity since this was the first Thanksgiving done ...
  • Snow

    Still Blessed  I am always stressedI’m completely a hot messBut I still feel blessed Your Star  I hope you still knowYou always make my heart glowYour star in the snow
  • give thanks

    Staying grateful can be difficult. I have put together a list of 24 blessings that people can be thankful for. The holiday of Thanksgiving which takes place in America on the 24th of November. Holiday festivals. All of the colors and the lights, and happy times make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. Warm blankets. Warm ...
  • Snow

    Reflection and Goals For Next Year The year is almost over. Christmas is right around the corner. 2023 is going to be a good year. The goal is to travel more, and that’s exciting. My best friend is turning 30, so we’re going to Paris and a few other European cities. I’ve never been out ...
  • Easter eggs behind flowers

      They’re out there Searched for but invisible Recognized by a single glance Then lost forever after Disappearing in a swift cover of darkness The eggs holding light And lives hidden within Shells of fragile substance And painted bodies as Stained-glass windows To make even the most Pious cathedral envious The Easter eggs thrive Alone ...
  • decorating cookies

    Just a few hours before a writing deadline, and here I am, staring at a blank page like a kitten asked to do math. What’s the problem? The problem is that this time of year is crazy busy and my brain is working on 862,000 different items, causing the worst case of brain fog I’ve ...
  • My Foolproof Method For Blissfully Surviving The Holiday Chaos

    The days from the fourth Thursday of November until the completion of the first 24 hours of the new year are my favorite, with their excitement, energy, and beautiful, chaotic madness. Yes, even the chaos is beautiful, complete with delicious food and beautiful twinkling lights. Surviving the holidays takes a little planning, some decision-making skills, ...