• woman walking through forest alone

    Do you know how to survive life as a woman? This poem can help.
  • Plantation home with long driveway

    As I sat in dead Aunt Rosie’s parlor and waited for the coroner to show up, I glanced around the well-lived-in room. My eyes fell upon a sign I’d never seen. ‘In our family, we don’t hide crazy… we give it a cocktail and sit it on the porch.’ I chuckled despite the circumstances. This ...
  • Woman sunning herself on the grass

    Vitamin D is needed in the body for a variety of reasons. The body needs vitamin D for the immune system to fight off germs and for the bones, and blood cells, to name a few uses. Most vitamin D comes from sunlight, but there are also foods that can help keep your level of ...
  • hourglass

    time after timewe always seem to repeatnever learning, but always questioningthe strangeness of the world. constant distractions interrupting the quietlosing focuschanging channels the craving for something chilla way to simply exist without the stressto stop and smell the roseswe must make the time try to find that one thing that brings you joyand never let ...
  • Cracks in the ground

    There are cracks on the internet Is there a hole in the alphabet?  There are cracks in the ground Is there a hole in the Pound?  There are cracks in my skin Is there a hole in the garbage bin?  There are cracks in the skyline Is there a hole in my shrine?  There is a crack in my ...
  • Late 1950s picture of John&Rita from personal album

    When Johnny turns sixteen, he and grandpa go car shopping. They are searching for a used one, but it is exciting nonetheless. Johnny sees a set of hot wheels out of grandpa’s price range. He falls in love and pleads to make up the difference by working longer hours at the garage. Grandpa gives in, ...
  • Gene & Millie at the White Swan

    Mildred is enjoying her newfound freedom after her divorce from Ray. She hits the dating scene and immediately falls in love again. The tall, handsome Gene Gephardt is amiable and ambitious. He dreams of building an upscale nightclub and restaurant on the outskirts of Granite City. The location? Not too far from St. Louis but ...
  • Tarot card the fool

    Take a tune that starts with ‘C,’ technically in the middle but still just beginning. Roll it around in a couple of flats and repeat. Over and over, the same melody. Take a path that is familiar. Walk the same trodden dirt and the same cobbled streets. Have a coffee at exactly nine and another ...
  • Chameleon

    The Chameleon says to her Mom, “I want to be many creatures and do many things, all at once.” Mom tells her she cannot be any more than one creature at a time, and cannot do more than one thing at a time. She has to pick one. But Chameleon can’t. Her mind travels fast ...
  • long grain rice called basmati rice

    Two women share the same space. One young, the other old. One from this generation. One from another. Bowl of uncooked long grain rice in bride’s supple hands, Mom-in-law stands behind blossoming spotless shoulders, to inspect the rise of rice. Rubbing starch off rice with benign fingers, she plays, admiring her youthful face rising to ...