• Paper heart

    You walk throughWalls, you hauntMy every step. I cannot shake you. You whisper inDarkest nights, callingMe in my sleep. I cannot ignore you. Everywhere I go,You are with me, Always. I cannot forget you. They tell me toMove on, for myOwn sake and sanity. But I know you. You promised meUntil our last breath,We will ...
  • Guardian angel

    I’m swept awayIn the swelteringStorm, you pulledMe into. I became yourLoyal companionSunlit days,Midnight hours. All it tookWas one glanceToward my path,My fate was sealed. Are you a hero?Are you a villain?I cannot discernOne from the other. To ask me thatWould compareTo ask God aboutHeaven and hell. Why is thereGood and evil?Is our days pureHappenstance? I ...
  • women behind rain

    When a good girl finds out her love is unfaithful, things take a drastic turn when she transforms into a bad one.
  • A Beautiful Enigma

    Who do youThink of meTake me forTruly see me? Am I a pawnPart of the gameAll being fairIn the name of love? Am I a mereCasualtyPolitical gainWar and ideals? WomanhoodDeeply desiredStrived forBy boys Wanting to shedTheir skinCasting asideIdeals of men As if chivalryA true gentlemanEradicatedAs it must be The only wayIf one shouldSurvive inOur world ...
  • 531

    Rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall… This is the rhythm the chest takes on to breathe. This is the same rhythm you take when you’re in love with someone. Rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall…
  • 775

    I used to chase people like a child chases the moon. Then you came along, your subtle entrance made me go from chasing to floating on every cloud I saw. The child who used to chase the moon became a woman. Who now likes staying still in front of a love she waited so long ...
  • kiss

    The heat from your lips starts to warm my body from within, I arch my back from your gentle touch, The restraints kept me in place, I’m bounded to this bed by your aching love and your gentle touch.
  • 1563

    The cracks are showing, but I don’t fear the fall or the mend to making it crack-less Tie tight, dig in, hold on.  The axel turns-we’re both made aware the stars may shift, but we’ll stay  aligned. 2000 miles, can be cruel.  Let the miles taught us all they want.  we have the power and ...
  • pixabay.com

    My heart to you, Is very much like the sea, The storms of my feelings for you, Flows around you like a huge tidal wave, In its depth, I’m washed over by your passionate love, My heart to you, It is like a seasoned ocean of blue…
  • address-book-notebook-notes

    It’s your vivid history that brings me to you, Your compassion for life has made me fall in love with you, What’s above the sky is your gentle heart and your eyes, What’s below is your erotic touch and your sultry voice, The soft temper of your being, Is what brings me to you, What I love deeply ...