• Rakhi celebration in Hamilton

    The visit to Ottawa ended. Nothing had been resolved. It was clear Sudhir needed to continue under supervised care, and he was sick of it. As he put it, I am wasting here. Returning to the airport, I stopped to say goodbye. I walked upstairs to check out his room. We uttered words of getting ...
  • white walls forming a maze with green exit signs white concrete stairs with no people

    It is said the older you get,The sicker you get,And the smaller your world becomes.Four wallsClosing in around you. I met a retiree who used toBackpack around Europe,Wild and freeBut since collectingHis watch and his pensionHis bed has becomeThe living room couch From which he watches the worldThough the news. When my dad died, they ...
  • Sudhir on his Rajdoot mobike i965

    In the hushed, soft-lit room, Sudhir lies in a pine coffin draped with a white cloth. Munna, my younger sister, and I arrange white gladiolas on either end with peace lilies along the length. Deep red roses lie in the middle. Mummy enters with Juji (my youngest sister). The priest prepares the thali for the ...
  • Hore Abby

      Content Warning: Suicide Derrick dropped his checked bag onto the scale and handed the ticketing agent his boarding information. The woman scanned his papers and handed them back with a plastic smile. They both watched the red numbers on the scale tick up until they finally stopped. His bag was three ounces under the ...
  • The Lodwig Gravestone

    Previously, I had stated, “And thus ended the year 1991 Anno Domini.” Not entirely, though! The year 1991 is also the year Millie leaves us. Millie and John have a minor argument, and invariably, it gets blown out of proportion. Things are tense for a few days, and Millie needs a break. Two of her ...
  • Brian & Monica -1991

    Brian is a student at Macomb, juggling school, relationships, and business ventures. His only real friend and constant companion is Stinger, the orange tabby with thumbs. The extra toes on each paw are his crowning glory, despite being at the paw end. When Brian visits home, Stinger is with him. The cats, Toot and Stinger, ...
  • a day of the dead (dia de los muertos) catrina wearing a green and yellow crown with flowers with a tower and iron gate behind her

    I. She drew us as birds In her deck Book lovers Resting In grasses And Elysian lilies Under placid clouds With no fear of Heights I sprouted into The Tower And he stretched His neck gently— A rose in the sun II. Our clouds grew Dark, heavy And growled— Rain whipped my sides But I ...
  • Early 1900's picture of my Dad's father-my grandfather

    Once again, the eight-year-old me is standing under the mantle staring up at that serious, soft-eyed person in the picture. Sometimes, when passing through this room, I glance up and smile. Other times, I fear he is watching me as if he is judging. When no one is around, I return his gaze and try ...
  • washing hands under water

    Why should I be Afraid to die? There’s no pain, When it’s done, Of any kind. What I fear instead Is running Out of time Waiting— Waiting— For my words to shine. There’s a story In the news About a man Who lost his hands And an accident Where someone went blind. What could I do If ...
  • Tree in front of a golden moon

    First Date Two shy and lonely people met amidst the magic of the starry night. Love is enchanting, so it meandered through the lovers’ hearts. The attraction fluttered in every cell of their bodies. She knew he was the one; he would ask her to marry him. He couldn’t be without her. The first date brought delightful giddiness where ...