• birthday cake with pink and white icing and gold glitter topper with forty in front of pink and red balloons in background

    You are forty now, and maybe you don’t feel it. Haven’t had the time for your age to sink into your bones. Forty. You still feel thirty-nine, Sometimes eighty, Those days you try to do it all. Be everything for everyone at all times. Just remember: two more years and you’ll find the meaning of ...
  • Heart drawn in sand

    I see myself in you,but I’m not you. You’re magic,Awesome,Fragile,like me,but you’re not me. You’re indestructible. I’m indestructiblein a different way,because we’re unique. I see myself in you,becausewe’re both human,but our sensations,motionsand choicesdiffer. Instead ofjudgingand trying tomodifyyou,I’ll study your actionslike a stunning enigma,and see your beauty. I’m blessedto bewith you.
  • Dripping sunlight

    The radiance on his face shows all. His folded hands say all. He won all negotiations with the One. While alive, he meditated and repeated His name ad nauseam. He entered the One’s universe on his own terms. He merged with One, for the world to see. The world he leaves behind still does not ...
  • pocketwatch, grains of sand.

    Take a look around youDo you see the hidden secrets?The whispers on the wind? The loneliness in the dusk? All around usThese are the signs that we cannot seeThe subtle way the world shiftsAlerting us to its woes Each moment is tinyThe size of a grain of sandYet, each so impactfulAs to change the course ...
  • Old River

    Where to start?When there is no beginningThe judges guns remain loadedBut there is no-one on the causeway Why is the coldest mountainIn the middle of the desert?How to climb the lowest alps?Below the deepest oceanHow to soar and fly?Without wings in a vacant skyCan the old river be paddled?After the bath runs dry Where to ...
  • Dog covering face

    Everyone has a week where things didn’t exactly go as planned. This can be extremely frustrating for any number of reasons. Last week, I planned to finish a book that I was given to beta read, and I couldn’t touch it at all because I was so tired. This week I’m making good progress, and ...
  • long grain rice called basmati rice

    Two women share the same space. One young, the other old. One from this generation. One from another. Bowl of uncooked long grain rice in bride’s supple hands, Mom-in-law stands behind blossoming spotless shoulders, to inspect the rise of rice. Rubbing starch off rice with benign fingers, she plays, admiring her youthful face rising to ...
  • Lotus flower

    A Woman’s a Lotus planted firmly, deep into the water yet unattached, her leaves – they float above all.   She rises, holding chin up, and smiles through the day.   Outside temperature may be 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but she regulates the temperature of her flowers at 86 degrees Fahrenheit, bringing warmth to all, regardless ...
  • Droplets on a spider's web precious moments

    A moment that ‘is’ may soon turn to a moment that ‘was.’ Warbler’s singing a tune. Listen ‘now,’ as she may sing a different song or not…next moment.   The Sun rays ‘re piercing through space between railings. Natural light’s causing a geometrical design of shadows on the deck. See ‘now,’ as new shapes may ...
  • police officers next to patrol car

    When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you achieve it? As a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved animals. Unfortunately, I saw how much math and chemistry it would require. I saw how long school would take and how competitive it is. ...