• women squatting by tree holding her head in her hands visibly full of anxiety

    Anxiety is a friend of mine. Friend may not be the right word; we have a love/hate relationship. Why? Anxiety is a liar. The constant thread of information filing through my brain is anything but reliable. Since my anxiety is here to stay, it is my job to see the truth and speak logic into ...
  • hands gardening with new seedling

    Spring is here in the great state of Michigan, and I could not be happier. Why? Because it is the official time to go outside and play in the dirt! Whether it’s flowers, bushes, vegetables, or all the above, grounding yourself in nature brings fantastic benefits. Here are a few reasons why gardening can change ...
  • woman at table with laptop, planner, and notebook.

    Every organization needs a leader. Fortune 500 companies have a CEO. My family has me. I am mom—the queen of logistics, the finder of lost objects, and the keeper of the schedules. This amazing title comes with a long list of responsibilities and an endless ticker tape of tasks to do. The mental load of ...
  • A person walking during a sunset

    This year has been about figuring out what I need to put my best foot forward. Change is hard and takes time. Patience is not a virtue I inherited. New routines can make a person feel like they have lost sight of their life. I was so focused on getting through the day that I ...
  • Zen, rocks on water

    Habits and routines help avoid the urge to scroll on social media. Half my day consists of scrolling through TikTok and Instagram because I can’t decide what task needs my attention next. A therapist suggested I create habits. First, figure out what activities will help you live the best life. Getting stronger would improve mobility ...
  • A confused individual

    February 1, 2023 at 9 a.m. “Where is my wife Stacey?” asks John. Answer: “Stacey is out shopping. You are spending the day with us.” John: “Oh! Okay then. Where can I park myself?” Answer: “Right here on this chair. We will be starting a fun program singing patriotic songs.” John: “Oh! Okay.” 10:00 a.m. ...
  • Neurons, Brain, nerves

    A New-Path Last week, I started on medication for anxiety and depression. I never imagined I couldn’t handle it on my own. Life has been pretty good, all things considered. People don’t have homes, or access to food, water, or safe housing. Fortunately, I’ve never been without any basic needs. White privilege and two working ...
  • Moon peaking among branches

    I meditate Letting go of aspirations, Letting in what is Under self-restricting views, Monitoring News. I’m slowly dissolving. Not quitting, not doubting, Attention to breathing Towards Present. In and out, in and out, On the way to Liberation. Neither this nor that – with you.   Love what is, Immediate and fulfilling, But never take ...
  • pink flower

    I look at the doorYou’re not there. I stare at the couch,You’re not there. Closing my eyeslistening to my heartbeat,I find yousoothing,reassuring. There’s no need to ask,When are you coming back?    
  • Heart drawn in sand

    I see myself in you,but I’m not you. You’re magic,Awesome,Fragile,like me,but you’re not me. You’re indestructible. I’m indestructiblein a different way,because we’re unique. I see myself in you,becausewe’re both human,but our sensations,motionsand choicesdiffer. Instead ofjudgingand trying tomodifyyou,I’ll study your actionslike a stunning enigma,and see your beauty. I’m blessedto bewith you.