• sadness

    sometimes things happenthat brings out the sadnessbut there is always a silver lininga path at first hard to find when one door closes, another opensdifficult to see, blinded by our emotionsthe promise of something better is always therethough sometimes hidden you might have to look for a whilebut you’ll eventually find that doorand when you ...
  • Stylized photo of daffodils

    Content Warning: Self-harm, mental health I love you. You know exactly how much. I love the skin you roll between your fingers and the dips you wish you could cut away. I love the bruises you trace when you find them. I love the scars you collected, even the ones you gave yourself. I know ...
  • 717

    He is the perfect partnerThe words tumble from her lipsdisregarding anypain or tearspreviously shed He is passionate and dignifiedwords she now uttersas the warmthof his bodycomforts her in his bed His words aresoft and caringlike none she’s ever heardher words describe him boldlywithout the slightest care in the world She’s oblivious to thetime and patienceinvested ...
  • 849

    I left for hell in a handcart. I waved goodbye, wished them well. I vowed a postcard from the fiery pits, signed by vagabond, me.   On my way to the ground, I stopped at a pub crawl. Somehow this place led me to heaven. I was one over the eight when I stumbled outside. ...
  • Life Balance

    The pendulum swings- delicate life. When goodness usurps, both blades of the knife. Nostalgia-when happiness, seeming so clear yet, soon the non wounded slashes appear. While riding crescendo, baritone lie in wait. Upon its arrival, the Earth trembles great. Terrible fortune, only could be yet, hours before, the world at your knees. How does one ...
  • 1245

    Under the bright orb Of a full Moon A girl sits Her eyes lifting to that brightness Body trembling, softly Lips part in a gentle sigh She rises Gaze lowering to her feet They are bare – And slide across the grass Moving like that of a Ghost But she is very much alive. Stopping… ...
  • 1020

    As the sun began to bleed  At dusk and the birds Gathered for the evening chorus, I began to wonder if this was A dream.   Your hands were so small, Your eyes never got to see  Pinks and reds of dawn,  Let alone this sunset, or a Full moon.   I had waited so ...
  • 1510

    Winter is here, and, like it or not, so are the holidays that I try my best not to think about the rest of the year. This will be my third fatherless Christmas season. I think missing him gets hardest on November 1st and stays that way until December 26th. The only thing worse than ...
  • Photo Credit @ Gerd Altmann

    It’s easy for someone to forget that I’m not okay. I am good at putting on the ‘okay’ face and pretending that my heart isn’t still horribly mangled from losing my dad. It isn’t something I bring up meeting new people because I don’t want to be the “sad kid.” When someone makes an insensitive ...
  • 1354

    Her blue eyes– dispirited. Her ingenuity went down with the sun, but broke the promise that it would return at dawn. And how can one contently sit on their porch and savor their 5:13 A.M. coffee if the East has ceased to shine its rays?   I wondered what the world looked like on her ...